Rustic Food

The term rustic food is one that you will often run across when visiting a high end restaurant for the first time. This term is used in reference to food that is rough or crushed in texture.

It makes use of corse ingredients and prepares them in a way that way seem outside of the box for some. However, this is generally an attempt to connect the way that you are eating today with the way that people have consumed their foods in the past.

When food is cooked in this way, the dishes make an all around better use of each ingredient that is included in the meal. Typically, mashed potatoes would be peeled and buttered before making it onto your plate at a restaurant. However, this is something that is a result of adaptations that people have made over time.

When you are eating Rustic food, it does a great job of peeling away this evolution and holding onto the things that originally made the food so important to a widespread population.

Rustic food would typically be potatoes that are mashed and have the skin left on, this is how things were done many years ago. Having the skin left in makes better use of the entire ingredient and provides additional texture that many people find to be an enjoyable element of the day. Having another layer of presentation is something that would be key to getting so many people interested in this type of food.

Thick cut bread with butter and cheese would often be included in a rustic meal, this is a throwback to the old world. Experiencing a different style of cooking that is focused on quality and slow preparation would be the key to forever changing the way that you sit down at a dinner table.