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My reason for creating this Blog, is to prove that baking is fun, has a great end result and that it is easier than people think to create scumptious goodies.

Basicly baking is easy peasy and i will prove it!

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You might be wondering why some people opt for homemade cakes and baking rather than simply buying them readymade. You may also have noticed other people who would rather buy bread from the local store because it is the safest option. As you read this article, you’ll learn that there are plenty of good reasons why it’s best to learn how to bake your own cakes.


Cake or bread you have baked yourself will always be of better quality than those sold in stores. The main reason for this is that you will be in charge of the ingredients. Generally, readymade products are laden with preservatives. If you are the one making your own bread, you can always make preferred choices and add in ingredients that are good for your health.


Apart from having an affordable and healthy alternative to cakes sold in stores, your cake will always be fresh from the oven unlike pastries and bread bought from stores which are likely to have been on the shelves for a couple of daysHome Made Cake.

Waking up to the smell of freshly baked cakes or bread can also put you in a good mood. Oven fresh products have a truly mouthwatering and inviting smell. Even when your cake may not look as good, it will undoubtedly taste better than what you are accustomed to buying from your local bake shop.


The highest quality ingredients for baking are unsurprisingly expensive. A loaf of premium bread of high quality baked cake would have you dig into your pockets a bit deeper than average commercially prepared cake or bread. Whether you go for high end organic products or non-organic products, baking is still considerably cheaper than buying.



Very few would argue that freshly-baked homemade cookies are tastier than store bought ones. Even a plain loaf of bread is delicious. A few customizations would make your cake go over the top in terms of taste. There are also plenty of homemade variations that will complement a wide array of cuisines and dishes.

Baking requires practice. In fact, it is advisable to bake frequently especially when you are just starting to develop a feel for the ingredients. An essential ingredient you have to be knowledgeable about is yeast. A useful tip is to attempt to increase the quality of the product you are baking every time until you are satisfied with the results.